China's exports to US tick up as traders try to beat tariffs


China's exports topped estimates in both UN and dollar terms. As companies rushed to make shipments before higher tariffs, actually, kicked in are trying to correspondent Tom MacKenzie has all the numbers in Beijing. Tom. Front running is the phrase usual with these numbers. So we saw exports coming in as you say above the forecasts. We're gonna number fifteen point six percent increase in exports. Sorry about compare that to the forecast of eleven point seven percent. A big reason, of course, is because the customers in the US stocking up putting in those orders before these times rise from the ten percent. We got now on the two hundred billion to twenty five percent. That is expected from January the first you you want as well as also played something of a supportive effect, coding, be speaking to these down, of course, seven percent year to date, and then you've got some policy measures being put in place in terms of tax rebates from officials to try and support the export states in terms of the imports. That was also a beat as well around. Twenty one percent increase in imports for the month of October again compare that to set timber. The number came in at fourteen and a half percent fourteen point three percent with the September number. There have been other measures that have been outlined here to try and support infrastructure spending that may approve. Supportive for some of the imports in terms of oil, by the way, there was some record numbers of imports of crude into China, which is the largest crude by of course, around ten million barrels per day, which is a record the refiners here stocking up as they tried to produce diesel again that seems to be linked to the stimulus effects that are being unfolded. Now here in China, tens of the trade surplus. We saw a number of about thirty four billion US dollars. So in terms of what the Trump administration wants to achieve and of rebalance in the trade picture, we are a long way from that were record levels now almost record levels in terms of China's trade surplus with the

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