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They've been the product of a tough schedule and they are one in four, but I think they're better than that. The Earl Thomas list, Seattle Seahawks traveled to Oakland to take on marshawn Lynch and those raiders raiders three per sky book revenge game. You know, the Seahawks really guy they were at home, but that Bram saying they had a very good chance to be friends there late. Obviously, they couldn't pull it off. But you know, I think the team, you know, maybe being written off a little early. I, you know, I will take. I will take Seattle minus three. I don't love this raiders team at all. So give me Seattle on the road. Let's talk about those Los Angeles Rams. They had to Denver to take on the Denver Broncos Broncos plus seven points per sky book goes plus seven. Oh man. Geez, that is a ton of points. But how do you bet against the Rams right now? They are just so so good. There's such a well oiled machine. I know they're giving yards, but I have a feeling that case keenum and those guys aren't going to be able to be the team to to take advantage of the injuries that wait until the secondary. So I will take. The Rams minus seven. The Allen Hearns bowl Allen's former team, the Jacksonville Jaguars on his current team, the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas Cowboys plus three per skyhook. Yeah. Like the Jaguars Jaguars going on the road. Dallas is often for horrible yet again on Sunday night against it. Gettable Texans secondary, you know, they just don't have anyone to throw to, and and you know, you talked at length about that and his lack of ability. I would say so I will take Jacksonville on the road and covered the three. The Baltimore Ravens had Tennessee take on Tennessee titans, titans plus two and a half per sky book. When Tennessee was a big time show job last week air. So up and down. I'm so confused about that. But I like to see as as home dogs here. I think that Baltimore's got some issues that this semester one I would take the under on. I think it's probably forty, four forty three, maybe. Okay. I think both eve, everyone. Ooh, forty one. And I still think it's going to be like one of those seventeen fourteen twenty seventeen game. So gimme Tennessee covering and bet the under in this one. Maybe the real game of the week here, the Kansas City Chiefs travelling to England to take on the New England, Patriots patriots, minus three and a half prescribe book. So they're saying that the patriots are basically even with the chiefs right now maybe have better. Yup. I think this is going to be one of those like come to Jesus games for Kansas City. I, I have a feeling I have a feeling they're gonna come into into New England, and I like I like the pats to to be in pretty good here. And yeah, I know we've got a lot of smart head of sparked planning by the TV folks to have the cheese on a lot of games here that we all get to see across the country, but I like you England to to take care of business and cover this. All right. And finally the Monday night game one near and dear to the heart aunt. You kinda got his best friend, Alex capstick team, the San Francisco forty Niners taking on his team. The Green Bay Packers in Green Bay sky book has the Packers minus ten. Yeah, I will be in attendance for this electric showdown. Oh boy. I expect a Packers to roll back into, you know, they they have looked bad for a lot of even greater in Iraq is what will say inconsistent. I think that they come in and they, they welcomed the diners to go and just blow the doors off them. So I really like Green Bay. I think that they cover by a large amount. So there are prostate you have out there for, you know, bigger spreads. I really like green day in this. Don't you didn't you see?.

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