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Royal wedding today. Princess Eugenie daughter of Prince, Andrew and Sarah, Ferguson tied the knot with Jack. Brooks banks. He works for George Clooney's tequila company. The twenty-eight-year-old bright a granddaughter of Queen. Elizabeth the second is nine thousand nine to the British throne the Queen and her husband Prince, Philip attended the wedding along with other senior royals, including Prince, Charles Prince, William and his wife Cates. The duchess Cambridge. I'm Prince Harry with Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, the A-List guests included Hollywood stars Demi Moore and live Tyler fashion luminaries Kate moss. Niamey Campbell pop singer Robbie Williams. His daughter was bridesmaid crowds of well-wishers filled the street, so they'd not everyone was happy for the beaming bride such as anti-monarchists Donnie Beckett. He dispeat- seizing taxpayers money for security to write spent the money. However, she won't she walks utterly. She's going

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