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WCBS, and they all look at the forecast with meteorologist Frank straight. Couple more. Nice days are ahead, certainly comfortable this evening. No problems. If you're going to be out. We'll get Cooley tonight. So you may want to Jack it if you have plans to be on after midnight, mainly clear tonight, low fifty six at midtown. Many suburbs dip to the forties. Areas of fog late tonight early tomorrow. But otherwise tomorrow looks to be another pretty day sunny skies and high near seventy partly cloudy and comfortable again tomorrow night, low near sixty in midtown and then Monday will be a bit warmer, but still nice partly sunny with a high of seventy four pray now, sixty six degrees, mostly cloudy in central park, sixty one and suffering sixty eight in Ridgewood queens, eight forty at WCBS a Long Island contractor who admitted to scamming sandy victims out of more than one hundred thousand dollars got what amounted to a slap on the wrist. According to one of his victims, Donna, president of east Rockaway cold contractor Lee, Moser a con man who.

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