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Here's the thing. I would say about where the brewers staff is for most of the season people thought that analyst nationally thought that the brewers didn't have enough starting pitching. The brewers felt like they had enough pitching. So they're not going to get into the starting or bullpen. The brewers have a deep pitching staff. They don't have great starters. That's why I said you're chasing interesting inside starting rotation guy. He wasn't on the division roster. Zach Davies was on that he wasn't on the division roster next year. They'll get Jimmy Nelson back. But with who they are right now in this council brought this up this afternoon. East question Johnson. I start him, and he'd go, you know, seven or eight innings, but that's not who they are. So I think they feel their best shot here is to change up the pitchers more often, and they do have an exceptionally deep and talented pen of pitcher store from. So I don't know that it's a matter of trying to get to cute. I think this is the end the brewers are dealt and they're doing what they can with it. Mike when I think of the state of Wisconsin, I think of well cheese the Packers and badger football. Where do the brewers rank frankly, a trip to the World Series would meet what to that city and that state? Yeah. So that the last brewers World Series nineteen eighty two they they lost to the St Louis cardinals. That was went brewers win the American League east the so the brewers went from nineteen eighty two to two thousand eight without a playoff team. They didn't sniff the post season for twenty six years. They were in no way, they got beat individual round. They were in eleven got beat me Ashley championship series. So they're back. It is the brains were open major league baseball to go west. They open California because the Braves were a success story in the fifties. But then they left to Atlanta. So again, the brewers were without the Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin was without baseball. So it's a unique story. Absolutely number two behind the tax. There's there's no doubt. Soccer's above the Milwaukee Bucks. Wisconsin crown for the university just doesn't compare the brewers are number two. It would be ridiculous Milwaukee hasn't had a world's championship since the bucks in nineteen seventy and not since before that the Braves in nineteen fifty seven. So if Aaron Rodgers walks down the street in Milwaukee, everybody recognizes him, if Christian yelich shoe by all means should be the National League MVP walks down the street, Milwaukee does he get recognized? Yeah. I think he does. Now, you wouldn't have in July. Now, he is really his his persona has exploded. He's under contract for

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