With $1 Million, Exxon Mobil Corp Helps Fund Carbon Tax Campaign


Though Bertelsmann's group prefers to call. It a fee not a tax more on that later. Burdensome says Exxon Mobil support will make lawmakers more receptive to carbon tax, but you may wonder why does an oil and gas giant like Exxon Mobil support a tax on its main products. Bertelson says one big reason is that companies want regulatory certainty they want to know what the rules of the game will be and that's unclear in the current environment. We're operating in what amounts to a game of regulatory pingpong in which you have one administration developing rules only to have the next roll them back. Another important reason. Exxon Mobil supports the plan is that while it would tax carbon. It would also remove most existing regulations on carbon emissions Bertelson says the carbon tax his group is proposing would be much more effective at. Reducing carbon pollution than the current regulations. The Americans for carbon dividends plan is based on a proposal from two Republican elder statesman. James Baker the third and George p Shultz both cabinet members. In Ronald Reagan's White House. One carat for Republicans is that the revenue from the tax or fee would be fully rebates to consumers Bertelson says the idea has received a positive reception from both parties on Capitol Hill with Republicans in particular. There's an increasing number of members of congress on on the Republican side that are looking to seriously engage on this issue. Of course, many Republicans are skeptical about both taxes and climate change. I think it is a step that's been Weber a former congressman from Minnesota. He's now a lobbyist and political consultant at mercury public affairs. But Weber says where the president in the White House who campaigned on reviving the coal. Industry, passing a carbon tax will be very difficult. I don't think there's any way of sugar coating her Republican today to embrace any new taxes difficult, and since President Trump was elected particularly attacks that focuses on fossil fuels is even more difficult. Greg Bertelson acknowledges the challenges and says the carbon tax has always been viewed as a longer term effort, but he says he thinks his groups carbon dividend proposal will become viable sooner than many people expect John ydstie NPR news, Washington. This is NPR news seven forty two now. And back we go to Joe McConnell for another look at commute conditions around the bay area this morning. Slower than usual conditions on how we seventeen still because of the earlier crash nor seventeen at the summit that was at they're out there at the five o'clock hour, it's cleared, but there are pockets starting as far back as vine hill, and it stays slow. It's wretches all the way around the reservoir. Also, six eighty northbound at El cantata, a new crash reported there on the shoulder at a crash earlier. Southbound also near stone valley road that may be out of the lanes. But it's backed up the concord behind that. Joe McConnell for K QB. All right. Thanks, joe. His report brought to you by Amtrak. And support for kqed comes from Korean air Korean air flights from San Francisco to Seoul servicing twice daily day and night Korean air connects to

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