Congressman Rohrabacher, Holly and Congressman discussed on Indivisible


This message. And so do I I don't know who that was at the end, maybe it was a grandkid, but another excerpt from congressman Rohrabacher, and is he really taking on both parties congressman Rohrabacher do. Not that I'm aware of. I mean, I think the Republican plan as far as I can tell it for performing healthcare is just don't ever get sick. You know, it's like the Richard don't get sick. It's not protections for people with preexisting conditions. I don't know those particular races to be honest. But the holy add sounded like he was on the defensive like Claire mccaskill the democrat was saying Hollywood take away your coverage for pre existing conditions and he had to put up an ad the Ted, no, I wouldn't. Well, somebody in the press corps, I presume is asking Holly. Would you vote? If you were elected to the Senate for the Bill that all the Republican senators except Susan Collins did vote for today that would end the guarantee for pre existing conditions in insurance policies. And so you could hear at least how he was on the defensive there. I'm not sure within Dana Rohrabacher had in mind. He he ROY Barker is a part. I'm sorry. Holly my apologies. Holly is a part of that lawsuit in Texas trying to kill the Care Act. When it go to this ad from a Slatkin who's running for congress in Michigan congressman.

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