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The New Halloween Movie Is Great. And You Don't Have To Watch the 10 Other Movies To Enjoy It.


Michael Myers is back. David Gordon green is behind the wheel while the Halloween franchise has gone through many sequels and remakes. This one seems to be special due to its talented team behind the camera and an endorsement from John carpenter himself who owns an executive producer credit on the film to seal including seventy. Think of it, they say, skip it. Yeah. Yeah, but they haven't seen the other ones. So you know, I, I feel by his word. Jimmy Lee. Curtis also an executive producer credit in his back playing Laurie strode as she comes to her final confrontation yet. Right final come on. It's never the final with the aforementioned Myers, a masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night for decades ago. The film premiered at tiff last month to extremely positive reactions, and it's one of the most intimidated films of the year for a lot of people. I'm going to be going on Friday night. Actually. It's going to be spooky and hopefully a lot of fun. I just watched the original and now forget all the other sequels. This one is a direct sequel

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