Houston Texans owner Bob McNair dies at 81


Of Bob McNair, who of course, was the owner of the Houston Texans, and the owner of stone side stable campaign many horses under that banner for many many years you had a bit of a relationship with him back in the day. Just talk about bad for a minute. Well, Mr. McNair, you know, was just an absolute legend in the game. And he'll Bobby Spalding who was his longtime manager John Asher his racing manager. You know, those guys back when I was consigning and selling horses back before my my time, it it Spencer. They were nice enough to let me sell some horses. Foreign not only Keeneland, but we also sold some forces for them when they were kinda dispersing some of their stuff down in Texas as well. We took some stuff down there to the Texas year. Let sale and got a chance with John Asher to go down and go to Texans game and go down on the field before the game in just you know, Mr. McNair couldn't have been more gracious to us, and my brother-in-law was able to go with the we just had a fantastic time down there. And you know, I hate that. He got out of the racing game. And you know, we sold his farm and shake Mohammad came in and bonded. And then just instant off of a lot of the mating stuff that Bobby in the guys who've done out of the form, you know, they had Breeders Cup success. And you know, I know he wanted to focus, you know, on the Texans, and you know, what a great franchisees done there and exciting times for them. And but Mr. McNair, you know, he'll certainly be missed and in just a guy that gave a lot of his time and money to a lot of causes. Yeah. Well, said Marc toothache or

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