James Mustich -- 1000 Books to Read Before You Die


Ago in Babylon and still a great story to book published just last year called life in code a personal history of technology by Ellen almond and nine hundred ninety eight books in between those two. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing. You know, it begs the question though, for me statistically, we read that fewer than say thirty three percent of high school graduates ever pick book again once they leave school and yet at the same time they're over six hundred to a six hundred thousand to a million books published every year just in the US alone. So who's who's doing all the reading who isn't reading and why? Well, that's a that's a that's an interesting question. And a troubling one that that people aren't reading more. There are many readers who read many books a year many books month, in fact, but generally speaking the statistics that we've seen about how people. There. There's not there's not as many people reading as certainly as I would like to see and not just because I'm a bookseller and a writer, but because I think it's people pursue their on their paths in lives. Whatever kind of development thereafter, whether it's professional or spiritual

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