How does the public Venmo API pose a threat for users?


Of your data that you give to them? Then do you lose your cards that tokens in this case uses can then use their challenge cards? So the challenge cards, let them know what information they can give them. What information they're trying to save? So they can. Build up this kind of immunity if we look at the digital translation, this means turning on an adblocker or switching on your privacy settings. So for the game, you could use these stickers that you'd find in the funny pack to indicate to the tracker that you've blocked certain Dada. Oh, okay. Interesting. So is that like a winner and a loser in this game? It was funny because Hong explained that the winning tracker just shot out of the gates because a lot of people didn't know the rules that much or the strategies in how to navigate this game. A lot of people didn't care about the immunities that much this particular tracker went I'll go straight to them get their information quickly, and then they can deal with the repercussions after I just find that fascinating.

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