Bryce Carlson, Atlantic Ocean and Pentagon discussed on 24 Hour News


High school science teacher has set a new record for rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Bryce Carlson arrived at. Saint Mary's off England South western tip late Saturday he made the two thousand mile trip in thirty eight days six hours and. Forty nine minutes after setting off on his twenty foot boat from Newfoundland, Carlson capsized several times and endured high waves and the remnants of a hurricane during his journey the ocean rowing society listed Carlson's time on its website Sunday as the fastest for a west to, east I'm supported, solo, row the previous record was fifty three days eight. Hours and twenty six minutes Carlson also was the first American to complete the feat The military is restricting the use of fitness trackers and other devices. AP Washington correspondent saga megani reports it'll apply to troops and others at. Some sensitive airbase inside warzone a new Pentagon orders says troops and other personnel those areas won't be allowed to use the trackers or cellphone applications that, can give a user's GPS details to social. Media the memo says technologies that can pinpoint someone's, location poses significant risk the capabilities have to be turned, off in certain areas the order does not actually. Banned the devices military. Leaders will determine if troops can use the GPS function based on the security threat in their region saga megani at the Pentagon Winnie.

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