PepsiCo Shares Climbing Following News of New Chief Executive


Check the markets now on the latest business headlines Thank you Nathan was an update stocks advancing for a third session as strong results from Berkshire Hathaway lifted financial shares, and higher oil prices boosted energy producers Berkshire class a shares. Up today, by two point three percent PepsiCo shares up nine tenths of one percent in renew is stepping down as CEO handing the reins to a top Lieutenant in the transition that, will draw attention to the dearth of prominent female CEOs in corporate America can shave senior analyst a Bloomberg intelligence to her credit I think we should distinguish herself I think in. The consumer product space is that He made a heavier back on product, innovation and growing internally through organic sales means as opposed to the big acquisition that may or may not work out that many of its peers pursued as, for trade and tariffs Peter hills. Worth is managing partner at hang. Rang investments he was our guest on, daybreak Asia I think that the US may suffer a bit more than expected for example the tariffs that would hit exported out of China a little known fact that's been I think. Published in the mainstream media is that two thirds of. The top twenty five exporters from China Foreign companies including US companies that are everywhere from the s. and p. five. Hundred and daybreak. Asia kicks off twenty nine minutes from now Pandora of Denmark has cut, its financial forecasts adding to the woes of the. World's biggest jewelry maker which has been under a siege from hedge funds betting, against its stock Zillow group plans to. Write mortgages the. Home listings website operator is acquiring mortgage lenders of. America stocks higher SNP, up ten a gain of about four tenths of one percent the. Dow up, thirty nine up two tenths of one percent NASDAQ, up forty seven up six tenths, of one, percent I'm Charlie Pellett that's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg best June.

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