Sen. Rand Paul meets Russian senators in Moscow, invites them to the US


Seventy six The Russians may be about to pay. A visit to, Washington, here's Wally. Hindes Kentucky Senator rand Paul's has a delegation of Russian lawmakers has accepted his. Invitation to visit Washington he made the offer during a. Recent visit to Moscow Paul is one of the senate's most, vocal defenders of President. Trump's outreach to Russia he issued a statement saying that engagement is critical to our national security and. Peace around the world no date for the visit has been set Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes reporting but as weightless socialist government alleging that several suspects conspired with others in Miami in Bogota Colombia to try, to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura with explosives-laden drones Madeira and his allies call the attack direct proof that an international plot to overthrow. His socialist administration exists investigators have been grilling a success facts for details. Of the supposed plot breaking news and analysis can be found. At townhall dot com Business travelers are increasingly booking stays through Airbnb. And other home sharing sides. More from Bob Agnew Airbnb says it nearly seven hundred thousand. Companies have signed, up, in book. Rooms through its business travel portal that's almost triple the number since last year. Airbnb says fifteen.

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