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Is very much indeed let's get some more details, when it comes to these fresh US sanctions on Iran which. Have kicked in they prevent the government from trading golden other precious metals and block the nation from selling or acquiring various indus- industrial. Metals the. US has also found plans to impose tougher penalties on the country's oil sales in November in a, televised address president Ronnie said that Iran is open to talks if the US is sincere but insisted such a dialogue would be pointless while his nation is being hit with. Sanctions. HAMAs Amman negotiations and sanctions at the same time is meaningless if someone. Stands in. Front of. His rival or enemy in pushes the. Knife against their, arm in, seeks talks, the respond to that he. Should, I put the knife in his pocket income to negotiating table and use logic. That was Iran's president how Sandra Harney, speaking through a translator to wildfires, in northern California I have combined to create the biggest in the state's history it's, forced thousands of people to flee their homes around one hundred miles to the north of, San Francisco there's another smaller Blace in the southern Orange County. But firefighters there are struggling to keep it away from properties Jim MacKenzie is from the US forest service what's going to continue now. This fire. Is going to be continue to move into various portions of the park right now they're trying to, figure out exactly what our alternatives are where we can take action Meanwhile climate change scientists are warning the earth is heading, towards an, irreversible hothouse state even if carbon emission, targets are met they say keeping global warming to within one and a half to two degrees celsius could be more. Difficult than previously. Assessed researches from Australia. Denmark and Germany argue. Even a smaller temperature rise could spark feedback loops which in turn. Could raise temperatures by as much as four. Or five degrees celsius and SpaceX has successfully launched an Indonesian. Satellite into orbit this morning eight marks another milestone in its bid to quickly re use rockets in its. Fifteenth mission this year global news twenty four hours, a day on Erna take talk on Twitter powered by more. Than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in. More than one hundred twenty countries I'm Markus Karlsson this is Bloomberg markets.

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