House of Cards' Final Season Gets November Premiere Date — See Poster


Hotels dot com trending online right now is house of cards net flicks revealed that house of cards is. Set. To premiere the six and final season on November second yes the first announced that we have of the premier date and we, know, that Kevin, Spacey's out after the numerous sexual misconduct allegations sober Robin. Wright we'll be, taking the spotlight as her character Claire Underwood and of course she is the, new commander in chief spoiler alert VM seeing the previous season but November, second from the sixth and final. Season will be on Netflix, the movie eighth grade is trending this is Bo Burnham's movie and it sounds like it's making a buzz on the internet because it's going to host free. Screenings for kids who couldn't go because of its are rating eighth grade is radar which Wrentham lot of middle schoolers from seeing a movie that aims to reflect their experiences. So to fix this problem Movie theaters eight twenty four they are screened. The film in. All fifty states will not be enforcing the r.. Rating eighth grade by Bo Burnham and Elliott. Golding is engaged the British singer songwriter and her boyfriend casper Jopling they have been married or the getting engaged you will be getting married and. They are trending right now because they shared the news this morning in the UK's marriage. Section of. The newspaper the times building has, been dating the New York based. Art dealer Jopling for eighteen months so congrats those, crazy kids has, Donald says that's what's trending. Here at mytalk now we'll take a quick look at. Your channel five eyewitness news weather forecast for the day we're going to. Have thunderstorms rolling through the twin cities high of eighty three loaves sixty four tomorrow for the cat video festival we're gonna have a few clouds high of eighty eight low of sixty eight currently seventy one degrees. And cloudy of my talk Now you know what we know more at mytalk one zero seven one dot com Silly song Some Anxious Welcome. Back it's us, again Donna in, Steve on, mytalk, one, zero seven. One everything entertainment Oh..

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