Trump changes tune about 2016 Trump Tower meeting, mentions 'witch hunt'



Committee launched by, the university to look into this, announced that it. Has now hired a national law firm to help with the investigation and it's picked the former. Chair of the. US securities and Exchange Commission Mary Jo White to lead the investigation the university says its decision on Meyer will be based on what this group fines. And we'll be made by overseas president in consultation with the full board. Of trustees Meantime a change dot org petition aimed at saving Myers job now has close to twenty thousand signatures President. Trump puts in an appearance over the weekend at a. Delaware County, rally. For congressional candidate Troy Balderstone but to hear governor? Casick tell, Trump, was never invited. I said Troy why did you invite Trump in here the president he said no I didn't chase it tells ABC's this week president, pretty much decides where. He wants to go to help fire. Up supporters Balderstone is up against democrat Danny O'Connor in tomorrow special election for Ohio's twelfth congressional district that's. The seat being vacated by Pat Tiberi President Trump Sunday tweeting the. Clearest acknowledgment yet about Donald Trump junior's June two thousand sixteen Trump Tower, meeting with. A Kremlin linked Russian lawyer. Admitting the, meeting was to get damaging information about Hillary Clinton but revealing. His initial explanation was misleading ABC's Elizabeth her explains Don, Jr. claimed the meeting was, about Russian adoptions and while President Trump now. Admits for the first time why the meeting occurred He's, adamant, he did not. Know about it this as the president fired back at reports he was worried about the potential legal questions surrounding his son's involvement in, that meeting calling the. Reports a complete fabrication and the Russia. Investigation a witch hunt investigators in Iowa don't think that the body of a woman they found is in. A rural area is that of a missing university of Iowa student. The Iowa department of public safety confirmed that the body was found an, hour away. From where twenty year old. Molly Tibbets, went missing the body is of a white woman or early. To mid twenties but I would DPS's there's no reason to believe it's Molly And Columbus police arrested man in connection, with assault at a bus stop on the east side investigators say. Richard Spurr Nak allegedly. Fought with Brendan Nicholson at the bus stop on James, wrote in east main two weeks ago at that time Nicholson suffered a severe injury head. Injury he was taking. A grant medical center. Where he later died neck. Is being held at the Franklin county, jail today charged with one count of felony. Assault ABC six first warning weather meteorologist Andrew, Michael talking about some isolated pop-up storms today otherwise hot and muggy the high of, ninety seventy seven, now I'm Ken Stevens stay connected to Columbus inspector Ohio on the hour, thirty minutes past and as news break last year the Dow Jones industrial average was up just over twenty five percent everything was so. Good even.

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