How deadline dominoes will fall following Machado deal


Two hours, before the first pitch we. Go every Saturday. During the baseball, season we do it down on the. Farm reports and so were hitting them all and we're going to, cherry pick a couple of guys out clubbing yes Brendan Rogers we will talk about him We're going to hit all of the farm clubs and just to, a little half way were report essentially a midseason update on a few of, the guys that are down in the farm system and maybe some of these. Guys met Rogers going to be one of them we're going to. See, when they, expand the rosters to forty And is that ever going to go away Talks about it a lot last season The number got done with that that that won't, happen until the next collective bargaining agreement which. I believe is in twenty twenty one I get them confused with the NFL and the NBA NHL all the. Time to. The CBS's roll around here all right let's close the book on what has happened though in the, National League West and the, biggest story not only in the, division not only in the National League but in major league baseball and what could be probably one of the biggest traits that we have seen Midseason leading up to a trade deadline in, many years and that is, all star shortstop Manny Machado going, over to the dodgers egos get prospects and they weren't even really the absolute top prospects of the dodgers I think LA really made out, very very well ESPN's Tim Kirk and, talked about it, says, the dodgers pretty good and got better I think he's. A, huge difference maker I think he makes them the team to beat now in the nationally. The dodgers were pretty guard good anyway Kirk chin ads though that. The dodgers need to add to their pitching staff now whether, it's a starting rotation or in the bullpen they are. Going to need help, there Machado's, not the guy that's going to get them, over the top Machado is, a, guy that when the playoffs to roll around he's the guy that's gonna win. The game for. You he and Matt camp Justin Turner but to have a guy in the lineup let's go to get four five six ABC's, potentially in a playoff game and, the dodgers a play in game they are, wildcard Gabay, are looking at a seven game series and have a guy like Manny Machado in the lineup and was defense to. Boot that's pretty good adding one guy. When you're two games up doesn't mean you're going to sprint away from, everybody but it could happen. We watch, it happen with, the, Bax but this is the dodgers competence that they're going. To, make the playoffs and they needed that one more piece that one more bat to really. Put him over the top they were in the World Series last. Year three zero three seven one three eight five eight five, so that puts a rap on a five prospects from. The dodgers off the, Orioles the, dodgers look pretty darn good don't they coming, up for you we are, going, to go down on the farm and we will do that and we will. Talk about rotate. You have thoughts who should be the guy to start for the Rockies We head. Into the second half of the season tomorrow night what do you think Is. It just back to John gray great last Saturday and you go back up there it's just the way that we've been rolling what he's to Kyle Freeland up there or. Is it somebody else Okay yeah It could go just about. Any way so we'll do that here in just a little bit, three, zero, three, seven, one, three, eight, five eight five talked about in the all star game and how there were ten home runs and twenty five strikeouts in how at the mid point of the season overall, in baseball there are more strikeouts than there are hits or the Rockies are in that trend, quite yet but. They're. Close Season to date they've got eight hundred, twenty two strikeouts Trevor story leads away. He's got one hundred and two strikeouts Now the Rockies also again let's go to the power number's Iraqis have. Five guys that are. In double digits for home runs already Leading the way as Nollet Arnaut twenty three home runs Trump story has twenty Charlie Blackmon with nineteen Ian Desmond with eighteen and Carlos Gonzales with eleven you. Got the guys with the power hits wise Iraqis, have, eight hundred forty three So.

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