Hailey Baldwin's Bridesmaids revealed by Aunt Kim Basinger


Say that maybe and of course I mean there's nobody else it, could be we're. All not no I guess, it's not, it's not shocking no these kinds of allegations surprised in music there haven't been more stories about people, and some of the shenanigans and metoo nasty and Weinstein type of Yes I mean we've had Russell Simmons, I mean, he he you know I know. He's not in. The, music business anymore but. That's really the. Only. One that we've kind of heard about. Right I mean there there have been a few other ones and we know the there's always been scummy Manager's. Taking advantage of music people for money yes in their contracts and stuff like that right yeah I don't know and I suppose I for. Sure that there would be like more stuff coming out about music industry and, of course, Dr Louis, yeah I was. Gonna. Say I, was gonna say exactly. The only, big hyper, that we've, had so far and look at how geisha has, not been believed and look at how that's gotten dragged you gotta. Believe. That that's gotta be intimidating to other people because record company I mean you, know I don't know You know it might be interesting to think about in the context of musicians. And? Big major, music, stars, are signed under these big multi record contracts with record companies in a, way that movie stars aren't they may have some contracts with movie. Studios and other things like these seven year five year three year. X., number of albums old school yeah because. Prince. Was, always trying to, break apart from exactly and actors are more like independent contract unless they have production maybe you're right maybe that's why, that. Doesn't. Come, out there still under, contract and again they look. Over at cash and see the hell that she's been put through right you know okay Kim Basinger vol people have spoken responded in her. Own words to us weekly she and lease and Priscilla Presley were over in, Korea protesting, dogmeat they, had like a Animal rights thing and so she was there and us weekly had somebody, there and she was asked about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber because. Of course he is Haley's on her daughter's cousins with a right You know, so I, would. Still consider myself the anti you. Know absolutely they make they see each other so She said they already have their groomsmen and bridesmaids maids picked out according to Kim Basinger. And she's of course the acts of Alec Baldwin, and the. Mother of his cousin Ireland or it'll be. Fun she's tells us weekly. Of, that coming. Up shows Haley, sister I Li. In Ireland there in the. Wedding. So believe me it's cool oh damn Dez and. She says I get sweet it's a, very sweet thing happiness we're living in some really dire times right now he. Doesn't know, Bieber all that. Well but she told us weekly. That Ireland has given him her seal of approval I'm very. Very happy freely. I think, it's a good thing I think. Justin's Quogue I don't really. Know him at all. But Ireland does you. Know I come through. A rough. Road he's a really. Cool kid I, pray for them I. Hope, they're cool. I hope they're happy it's wild I think, it's wild, so. Anti cam- Tokyo about this marriage. Yeah No to. To Dish more. I know it. I know. It, so anyways no. It's coming together so, who knows, in, you know supposedly he's had a break up with this pastor from that church all from the hill song church because he was approaching Australia and he didn't even know that they were engaged, and, he said sure About officiating or something are you happy, for All I had no. Idea no idea engage That close Britney Spears boyfriend Sam should Gary he's been kind of a. Blank slate to the public up until now he's just that hot Muslim guy that Britney. Spears. Works out with in her Instagram stories yes he's been with her since late twenty sixteen, when he was cast in her slumber video and. He's now been a constant inner social media this last year, he kind, of gives off the hot himbal oh vibe totally one. Hundred percent because he's, gorgeous, and. Unsee gets that's her vibe to. Oh completely you watch them and their videos you're not looking for review. James Joyce's Ulysses Instagram from these to listen to this. Okay he though he lost a hundred pounds before he met her wow he was eating..

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