Eritrea's leader visits Ethiopia as dramatic thaw continues


Now the world news this is abc news kelly the head of the colombian former rebel group the faulk has asked for forgiveness for the kidnappings carried out by the group and the pain and suffering inflicted on many families rodriguez london also known as timoshchenko was attending the first hearing of a special tribunal that will try crimes allegedly committed during the country's fivedecade civil war nncholas russia reports three former rebel leaders have attended the first hearing friday while a fourth took part via video conference from prison they're required to provide details on the alleged kidnappings enforced disappearances between one thousand nine hundred and twenty twelve the fall top commander donyo also known estimate shaneco ask for forgiveness for the pain and suffering inflicted on many families relatives of the victims say they hope the tribunal will bring to light where the remains of some of those who were kidnapped and murdered can be found that has been more violence in nicaragua after a twenty four our national strike on friday to demand the resignation of president daniel ortega a group of about one hundred and fifty students was trapped inside the church of the main university in managua along with priests and journalists after coming under attack from paramilitary groups sympathetic to the government and the opposition stronghold of messiah thirty kilometers to the south there reports of two deaths jairo gonzalez is a civil servant everything that is happening now with the strike is a way to put pressure on the government for response to the problems in through the economic crisis in the country i think this is a form of expression for the people so as to get out of this crisis the local government in pakistan southwestern province of baluchistan is observing a day of mourning for more than one hundred and twenty people killed in a suicide bomb attack at an election rally on friday the bbc's kunda karmani says the attacks race security questions ahead of elections across pakistan later this month in two thousand thirteen in the election that was taking place then a number of political parties simply weren't able to campaign at all because of the threat of militant violence many people had thought that the security situation had improved since then and in many ways it has but these attacks are really a a reminder of the of the threat that militants can still pose and buckets on this latest attack was claimed by these slummy state group which has a small but it seems growing presence in the country the president of eric traer s yes work is due to visit ethiopia late today the latest diplomat move towards reconciliation between the two countries after years of conflict which left tens of thousands dead last week ethiopia's prime minister visited eritrea where the two leaders declared a formal end to a state of war world news from the bbc the twelfth poise rescued from a flooded cave complex in northern thailand are expected to be released from hospital next thursday thailand's health minister told reporters that the boys and their families needed to be prepared for the media attention they'll receive when they come out the boys and their coach or recovering physically and mentally from their harrowing underground ordeal and the dramatic rescue in west belfast northern ireland an explosive devices being thrown at the home of gerry adams the former leader of the xinfei republican party no almost hurt here's chris page xinfeng has said gerry adams's grandchildren were in the driveway of his house minutes before the attack mr adams has tweeted all well here new one hurt he's thank the neighborhood watch and party colleagues who he said kim very quickly and other explosive device was thrown at the home of a close ally of mr adams bobby story is a former ira prisoner and a senior shin and activists the party has suggested the attacks were carried out by dissident republicans you're opposed to the peace process and said there the desperate acts of increasingly desperate and the relevant groups meanwhile hundreds of people have rallied in.

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