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Of the week jeff brown that means your weekend is pretty close pretty nice yeah that's exciting all right he's here now with market raft stocks overcome and early wobble on wall street ending the week on a solid note the dow adds another ninety five points and the nasdaq barely makes it to another record close today the federal reserve says low unemployment and rising inflation both support its position to continue raising interest rates at a gradual pace we are expecting to more rate hikes this year amazon prime day is coming up on monday and see nets dan atkinson says before clicking go take a closer look prepared to kind of go with the flow and amazon wants you to buy you're always going to see a lot of discounts on amazon branded device it amazon's jeff bezos says the first commercial flights to space next year on the blue origin spacecraft will cost two hundred thousand dollars cambridge space company analytical space successfully launches its first shoebox sized communication satellite today and there was one the last blockbuster video store is left in oregon after to alaska stores go dark that's the wbz market raft jeff brown wbz newsradio ten thirty all right jeff thank you and it just got more expensive to attend umass this coming fall trustees today voted to increase tuition rates by two and a half percent for the two thousand eighteen twenty nine thousand nine academic year this is for instate undergrads and it impacts all campuses and amherst lull boston and dark met it amounts to an average increase of three hundred fifty one dollars and brings the average tuition cost at those four schools to fourteen thousand three hundred sixty three by the way out of state tuition rates are going up three percent bringing out of state tuition to just over thirty two thousand dollars a year and the store governor baker takes some of the extra revenue the state took in last fiscal year and he puts it right into school safety carl stevens with the story at the state house governor baker said that of the five hundred seventy five million dollars supplemental budget he's filing here a hundred fifty million will go to schools some of it to make schools safer the package includes forty million dollars in additional aid to school districts to higher school counselors social workers and mental health workers this was the number one request of the superintendents that we discussed this with there's also twenty million to help schools upgrade their security and communication systems the measure also has money for a number of other projects including fifty million.

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