Michael Irvin agrees with Pro Football Hall of Fame not acknowledging Terrell Owens during enshrinement weekend


Talk about him as if he's not even they're doing the right thing we can't spend just the moment for all these other guys talking about the guy is not here you cannot do that take am deals doing his own thing wherever he's doing his own thing and god bless them but i knew when they mentioned it as a class but why should you still those other guys moment think about the numbers from terrell owens jc we're talking about he ranks eighth all time receptions second in receiving yards third in receiving touchdowns one hundred fifty three planning for all these franchises the forty niners philadelphian dallas buffalo in cincinnati fifteen year career in the hall of fame with so many greats in the same hall of fame classes bryner lacquer and randy moss and ray lewis but yet he's wants to do his own thing but he's the only one and that's the thing that's just so bothersome to me like you so that's what you want to be known for if you're used to be known as a great wide receiver that was accepting the yellow jacket at the places having a male to you yeah spot on it look michael irvin this is part of the chorus fry the approach that i thought mike lurvin the great wide receiver at a dallas thought this position he'd take you remember his speech was back ten years ago just over ten years ago when he was inducted i believe it was two thousand seven as passionate as michael irvin was and you could tell appreciated the depth the gravity of the honor so this is a guy that feels like this is something that's so monumental not only should you should you appear but you should be overly gracious terrell at designer which is absolutely what owens is not but again this is who terrell owens is this is how hope remembered in his final chapter of spotlight and this is the way it should go but yeah to those guys at that class that you mentioned why should the hall of fame draw more spotlight and attention to this disc coming for teo i think the proper move for the hall of fame is to say he's part of the class mentioned his name and keep it.

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