LA Lakers Sign Michael Beasley


Let's get to it. The Lakers keep adding to their roster this off season. Multiple reports. The Lakers have agreed to a one year deal with Michael Beasley was a teammate of LeBron's in Miami Beasley was the number two overall pick in two thousand eight, but has had a history of drug issues during his career. Last year, he averaged about thirteen points per game with the Knicks and the Lakers already at it. Rajon Rondo land Stevenson and javale McGee this off season. We're joined by EVA's one NBA analyst. Chris. I'm gonna get this one starting with skip because I wanna know what you think. What is going on here just for the record, I've covered the NBA even longer than my main Chris Broussard. I started covering the NBA when I was at the LA times back in nineteen seventy seven, and I covered these Los Angeles Lakers. So I've been around for a little while and I've seen thing or to this team now sets up as the most difficult to coach team. I can ever remember. Maybe I'm forgetting one somewhere along the trail, but I don't think so because let me just count the ways. Michael Beasley love is game, loved him before his draft. He's been on seven teams and eleven years for reason. Rajon Rondo has been on six teams in the last five years for a reason land. Stevenson has been on seventeen in the last six years for a reason. Nj, all McGee has been on sixteen eleven years for various reasons. They're all in different ways, extremely difficult to coach from night tonight. They can be moody, they can be. Unpredictable. They can be a little knuckle headed in their own various ways. This is now the NBA's version of the expendable 's and I can't believe that LeBron James signed off on all four of them because I'm pretty sure magic had to take each one of these still LeBron say, you good, you good, you good. He's had history with all four in various ways playing for or against them or with an or against them. And it's like he now has the equivalent of four JR Smith on his team. Not that Rondos knuckle headed. He can just be difficult high basketball, I q Doc. Rivers finally said, I just can't coach him because he thinks he's the coach of my team thinks he knows more than I do. He was the driving force behind New Orleans rise last year into the plows past Portland in the first round. It was highly impressive. And then the pelicans said, no, no, no, we we're not going to go for with Rondo because he's difficult to coach. So all the sudden porn Luke Walton at age thirty eight is sitting. In the volatile mix that he's surrounded with with a lot of bench players who are going to want minutes and make waves of if they don't get their minutes and he's got a lavar ball, sort of hanging over his head from above and you never know which night lavar is just going to go off on Luke Walton and say, the team has quit on him or he should be fired or whatever. So if this team does get off to a little bit of a rocky, start, my Mandla Shannon Sharpe says, yes, it could get off to a rocky start. Everybody thinks that this is going to become a rough mix. You know where the fingers are going to get points early on. The thirty eight year old head coach down at the end of the bench, right? And again, LeBron is going to have to help him coach his team. If in fact, he signed off on these four guys, but I'm gonna remind you. There's been a long running theme in the league that I, I heard around the San Antonio Spurs back in Stephen Jackson days, and I love Stephen Jackson, but he was considered early on in his career despite all of his game and all of his intangibles in character that he did have basketball character. He was considered a knucklehead. He could do knucklehead things in..

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