David Johnson of Arizona Cardinals to report to training camp, ending offseason holdout


Desert Ford. Dealers sports desk here's Paul Calvi see all right so we have cardinals news and, it comes from the Twitter account of David Johnson really your. Former Pro Bowl running back right in God's hands now he. Tweets out primed and ready, to prove it hashtag. I'm back for memory contract holdout mandatory mini camp everyone wondered what it last into training camp. Bowl today is the day where you can report if you're a. Rookie you're a quarterback or you're. Coming off injury Coursey qualifies in that, latter category so David Johnson saying in God's hand now I'm back and I'm taking that. To mean he doesn't have a, brand new contract that's why it's. In God's hands and he hopes knock on wood he doesn't get injured news and, he's going out there to prove it could see you could go the other way though. To you could you could read. It either way As. For Zach ranking there was no doubt Strike. Three fog Addy thirteenth strike. Outs were great he was the man season I thirteen ks righteous two hits allowed eight money innings, for the two hundred six million dollar. Man six one win. By. The d. bag snaps at, three games scared they're back in second place a game and, half beyond the dodgers go into the cubs five o'clock today on ESPN six twenty AM and then tiger. Had the lead ticked off myself for sure I had a chance starting up back nine to do something and I didn't do it in a got away from me finish six Francesco Molinari is. Your British Open champion and that is sports KTAR news. Arizona's afternoon news with MAC and Gaydos governor Doug Ducey issued, an executive order. To limit immunity for legislators but should Representative. Paul Moseley actually respond to do sees, order.

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