Amazon UK boss Doug Gurr warns Brexit could spark 'civil unrest'


The institute for war and peace reporting and George Brock journalist and visiting professor at City University, welcome both of you to the program. Let's begin in Britain where Doug girl the UK boss of online retail giant. Amazon has made atypically soothing and measured contribution to the debate around Brexit. Mr. has warned that Britain could face civil unrest within weeks. If it leaves the EU without a deal, he made the remarks during a meeting between Briggs secretary Dominic Robb and a group of senior business executives on Friday. George to begin with brings up the speed. What is the likelihood of a no deal Brexit at this stage? And what could it look like? The likelihood is much higher than it was, let's say a month ago because the government attempted to get a position together, what's known as the checkers meeting will the check his deal. And that has already. In fact, Fulham apart. None of that was the fact that MRs may never had a consistent parliamentary majority any strategies she was trying to get through. She can win tactical victories here and there and does, but what she needs in order to avoid a hard Brexit is a whole series of parliamentary votes between now and approximately January, and I can't see anymore sign now than the day. After the election, she's the, she's got those numbers. So therefore with falling apart of the latest deal, she's tried to stitch together you if you are a business operating across borders, any kind Amazon or anyone else you have to say that the percentage Johnson a hard Brexit has gone up. I think it's some are. I would say it was about around fifty sixty percent. My personal guess then yet you can kill with that. I think it's stalemate is perilous in itself. People are now talking about the idea that we can get this grace period extended, which also seem. Unlikely, I kind of relish the these cut of apocalyptic warnings. It's already in such a dire situation and considering how this country does when it's to halt or too cold on the virtual scenes of panic. I imagine what things will be like when we have actual supply lines of ordinary everyday goods interrupted. It's not helped of course, by the fact that the government has to do these risk assessments industry of the worst case scenarios in the same way, that's people are always sending information requested Lakewood councils that preparedness ambi- apocalypse. Similarly. Similar preparations, ah, taking place which ranks the atmosphere even more, but having come thus far, I think, well, my my personal project fare wasn't fifth enough. We might as well go full apocalypse and see what happens. So you seem to approve of the statement from kind of aesthetic viewpoints. I like to imagine the civil unrest and also from a kind of strategic viewpoint, which is that if this can prevent a hard Brexit, then you know, that's a good thing. But do you think that is it's plausible. I'm trying to get kind of idea of like what a no deal Brexit wouldn't actually look on the ground will we see ravaging hordes straight meets street. I, I think the British people, the forty polite for that, but I think we are really losing our mind on this whole issue. And the fact is we're so distracted by Brexit and all permutations that we're not really doing anything about anything else. So, well, the veneer of civilization can often be very, very thin. But I, I, I appreciate the captains of industry saying this is going to be awful and much worse than you margin George Hubbard. Would it be? I think that civil unrest at any scale is at the outer edge of possibilities. I think you'll much more likely to get vast traffic jams goods shortages jobs, eventually being lost because supply lines don't work. People being laid off those at the those are the much more prosaic, possibilities that are that are far more likely and these business people. After all, I, I would say if anything, they have been very reticent and very late in making these warnings. They have been thinking about all of these things from two years now, and I would have preferred if they've been running fair little bit earlier. I think it might think that might have added more more dramatic effect and they would be criminally responsible if they were not thinking about any possibility, including the extremely unlikely ones. They have a responsibility to that customers. The show holders and so on..

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