Joaquin Phoenix to play The Joker in Scorsese produced film

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All right, everyone. Appreciate those. Sorry if you didn't get rid, but we are moving onto segment to now another addition of almost famous wherein we go over actors, famous or not to turn down what could have been roles of a lifetime. We're gonna start out with John Lithgow. He almost played the joker twice apparently in the original, Joe Dante version of the movie that never got made. Joe Dante was gonna make Batman. And then again in Tim Burton's first movie, he was gonna play the joker. I think John Lithgow would have been a great joker man for sure. It's almost like more of a. Classic joker? No. I don't know that it's an odd choice. I wonder how they would have done them up. I wonder if they would have given the the wig and the green hair and everything, or if they would have kind of leaned more on the way he actually looks. That's interesting if it would have been Tim Burton. I think he would have gone with the same. Yeah, same bookie. Yep. Yep. But Jack was great, but I could totally see John Lithgow down with that Emma stone one for LA La Land. But originally that movie was going to be a Watson. In fact, it was going to be mwana miles teller in LA La Land, a movie. You hate mean Hermioni from the Harry Potter films here, what. Is that a movie about a Potter? That's Harry. Yeah, that'd be funny a. r. y. Potter here suit Potter. I love that word here suits. Wonderful. Mark, Wahlberg gonna call him out on this because he originally read for Brokeback mountain. A believe in Jake Jilin part in, he has admitted to quote being a little creeped out after reading the script soldiers. Kisa dude. Yeah, exactly. As Mark Wahlberg talks. He said it was very graphic and descriptive told angry. I like you. You're towns agai and if you wanna talk about it more. But thankfully he didn't. So Mark Wahlberg GIF y, sir, seriously and good for you. Jake Jilin hall for not being homophobic on. Back back two steps. Did you hear that? Joaquin, Phoenix is gonna play the joker in new joker only joker Centric movie. Oh, really like it. I love not a, what's his face from now. God let. Oh now they're done with that guy. I thought that he didn't see that movie, but I thought that was supposed to be the only good thing was his joker was good for like five seconds and really make up of the joker was like we had like gold teeth and like face tattoos, and it was just it was the weird choice to did you see that movie? I did. It's that bad. It's not good. Yeah. It's just like you could tell it was a movie. They had to like fix. They had to triage them and and post, and every scene was just a big set piece song with very little dialogue..

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