Health officials trying to find link in McHenry County Legionnaires' cases


Tunein wbz news time five o'clock let's get to the newsroom and vic vaughn thanks the fair skies in seventy two degrees at o'hare health officials in one for north west suburb are investigating an outbreak of legionnaires disease so far there's nothing to connect those who fallen ill not at this point and that's what we're trying to ascertain investigate susan choruses with the mchenry county department of public health she says they'd confirmed nine cases over the past month that's as many cases as the county saw in all of two thousand sixteen residents and first responders in suburban madison wisconsin gathered last night to pay their respects to thirty four year old firefighter corey bar his body was transported in a procession from the dane county medical examiner's office to a funeral home he was killed in the line of duty and a sun prairie gas explosion tuesday in the town's historic downtown district a federal judge in chicago is ordered the reunion of two brazilian boys with their fathers the family lawyer karen hoffman these these two families it's been it's really been unspeakably devastating to be separated for so long and not know when they're gonna see their parents are when the parents are going to see the children they've been held in chicago there were separated nearly two months ago from their fathers at the us mexico border after crossing into the us illegally the judge gave the justice department until one forty eight this afternoon he said if that deadline is admit he'd call an emergency hearing friday morning boys fathers are both locked up on charges a small plane used interstate fifty five is a crash landing spot yesterday afternoon near the downstate town of lincoln the pilot was trying to make it to logan county when the plane lost power he hit a car with a landing gear in the process it knocked out the driver's window but no one was injured federal the federal aviation administration rather is investigating a train partially severed a boy's foot when he tried to get his football off the tracks it happened yesterday afternoon near eighty seventh and south dolphin it's not yet clear whether it was a metra commuter or canadian national freight train the boys hospitalized him recovering at comber children's hospital let's get it update.

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