Two Michiganders make final table at World Series of Poker


Wgn news time seven oh six good luck to two michigan men and the two thousand eighteen world series of poker in las vegas jau cata of shelby township and nick manion muskegon among the last nine players at the table for this afternoon showdown both made the cut after a twelve hour poker session yesterday even if they're lose they are guaranteed to walk away with a lot of money first prize is eight point eight million dollars and this is not the first time for joe cata he won eight and a half million dollars in two thousand nine nine with a better hand than sixty five hundred other poker players a lot of interest in west michigan all over the state really this morning about a flower that's blooming for the very first time it smells pretty bad wwe jay's beth fisher joining us live and local with more beth tom this is the corpse flower at meyer gardens and sculpture park in grand rapids they've had this flower for eighteen years the director of horticulture there steve lawar was on hand late last night when it started to bloom the smell like rotting flesh or meet i am just now starting to be able to smell this so even though it smells terrible it's going to a lot worse anytime a plant goes through this much effort to smell this bad i have to take a minute snowing they've nicknamed the rare four and a half foot tall flower patricia because of the smell it will only bloom for a couple of days you can see it at w w j newsradio dot com reporting live beth fisher ww j newsradio nine fifty w w j news time is seven oh eight traffic and weather together on.

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