Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition saved after fight over migration comes to an end


Nine one newsroom in washington dc where nancy lyons has more the national headlines nancy thanks pam the pressure is on for crews to hurry with their rescue of twelve boys in their soccer coach stuck in a cave in northern thailand heavy rains are forecast for the coming days and that could worsen floods already in the cave the boys may need to swim out using diving equipment which comes with real risks secretary state mike pump hale is preparing for more talks with north korea this week is new intelligence reports indicate pyongyang is still making nuclear fuel white house press secretary sarah sanders can i confirm or deny reports i'm not gonna comment on that we had good meetings just a couple of days ago and as you know secretary of state's headed to north korea or continuing to make progress the trump administration is reportedly looking at rolling back obama era policies that encourage the use of race in college admissions to promote diversity the wall street journal reports trump officials believe the recommendations exceed supreme court precedent with more of his traveling this fourth of july many are dealing with extreme heat and tamra johnson with aaa says if you're driving you need to take precautions to make sure that you're packing plenty of water and the vehicle making sure that you're planning on your brakes actually take time with the family and then nature that you're keeping your full currently the national average is about two dollars and eighty six cents they are cheaper than we saw from royalty weakened for that ship traveling through a little further this is expected to be the heaviest fourth of july for travel since they began tracking stats eighteen years ago at the world cup still no score in the match between sweden and switzerland global news twenty four hours a day on air and tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries thanks nancy now with our other job stories michael barr in germany chancellor angela merkel is into the immediate threat of a government breakup over migration merckel and the interior minister horst seehofer resolved their two week old dispute she came up with a plan that will tighten immigration and keep her riveria and sister party in the coalition see offer have threatened to resign but you'll stay on the former prime minister of malaysia achieve rozec has been arrested in a graft investigation announcement was made by the task force looking into corruption at the troubled state investment fund one m db can read prime minister mahathir mohamed is trying to recoup four point five billion dollars from the bond iranian president hassan honey has arrived in switzerland and we'll visit austria tomorrow with the landmark nuclear coordinated and the two alpine country he's hanging in the balance bloomberg school multi belly has more from tehran president has unroll honeys visits to burn on vienna will give the first crucial size of whether iran's european partners in the nuclear deal half what it takes to save the accord after us president donald trump abandoned it in may and reimposed wide ranging sanctions on these republic the stakes are high for rohani as he faces criticism at home for his management of a currency crisis precipitated by trump's exit from the deal tesla has called a time out the electric car company has been working around the clock in recent weeks to beat a production goal for its model three sedan bloomberg's learned the company is posing some production this week that will allow us to do basic maintenance and upkeep plus workers will be able to celebrate the fourth of july holiday a north carolina woman says she was inspired to donate a kidney to someone she didn't know after reading a friend's facebook post about how her teen daughter needed a kidney tracy smits originally was tested for her but was not a badge her match ended up being for george adams a forty eight yearold father in south carolina he'd been on the transplant list for nine months snap collected schmidt says she's happy for him i know somebody's dying and they needed one i didn't think twice about it more than one hundred fourteen thousand people are waiting for organs in the united states coming up a check on markets i'm michael barr this is bloomberg business leaders are increasingly demanding the outcomes they want when they want them and paying only for what they use at hewlett packard enterprise we're bringing that flexibility and control to it with the introduction of hp green pay paper use outcomes on your terms come to hp green lake and see the future of it get there at hp dot com slash.

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