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Match their description of the image. The founders of Google Sergei Brin and Larry page got wind of this. You give speech Google where they met you, where the founders met you. Describe that out so that that's what happened. I mean, I, I mean, a few people from from Google heard about my work, and so I went to this. This is two thousand three thousand four much smaller company. So I gave speech on the two founders where actually in the audience and then right after they just, you know, very simply said, hey, where we're gonna make use of this, can we buy? And it became part of their image laborer, yes, it'd be became their image label, which was the thing that was used to improve search engine ESE was one man band that that you sold to Google and then your next company was recapture that you start in two thousand six, which basically was proving your human again, but while digitizing books, how

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