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It's still Ross Tucker, football podcast. But it's not just any Ross Tucker, football podcast. It's a teaching toil. Thursday presented by seek just download the key cap today. Enter promo code Tucker, get twenty dollars off already. Lowest ticket prices. If you wanna go to the game tonight and see your boy, falcons eagles tickets still available on seek or Monday night also be on the sideline for Lien's jets. You can also see your boy. We can hang out there. I'm sure those tickets owners expensive as the eagles Powell either way. You'll know you're getting the best tickets from the Seekie gap spread the word winner. This week. Michael Williams gave Mondays RTF p like on Facebook. That's all it takes. Michael. Let me know if you want. One of the press passes. I'm going to get this week most getting some college press passes as well. You want that Florida state, Virginia Tech. Press pass. Anybody just let me know, sponsor confirmation. Email winner will be announced tomorrow by now. You guys are a lot of things and we don't have all ten Dollar Shave Club butter winners yet. So all you had to rate and review the show and then send it to me Ross at raw Secker dot com. I don't believe we have all ten yet, so we have several, but not all ten. You can still get a chance to win the free shave butter and wait till you guys hear about what we're giving away next week. It's the Thursday though, which means it's Greg Cosell. It's breaking down the games. It's awesome. It's big show. All right, Gregg. It is finally here real football, regular season. Football will have you every week here on Thursdays breaking down, not only the Thursday night football game, but the biggest games of the weekend because you're already doing that in prepping for that for the unbelievable show. You have the NFL matchup show on ESPN and of course the great work you do for NFL films as well. Let's start with the Thursday night or Greg eagles falcons. What are you most intrigued about in this matchup. Oh, that I'm actually intrigued with how the falcons choose to play offense with their personnel. For this reason, Nigel Brad will not play in this game, and it would seem to me that the falcons would wanna stay with base personnel quite a bit which they do. They do often play with two tight. They do play with a fullback, but I think they would want the eagles linebackers assuming the eagles play with three linebackers. They may decide to go big nickel and play Graham, the safety almost as a linebacker or Jenkins can do that as well. But I think you wanna put the eagles in that situation Ross and then line up with a lot of base personnel. Obviously, they won't do that on third nine, but I think you wanna see how the eagles are going to handle that with nine zero, Brad out of the game because the only real starting linebacker they will have out there is Jordan Hicks, their middle linebacker, and he's coming off. I believe in Killys injury. Yeah, I was gonna ask you out of the guys other than once al-shabaab Jeffrey and TIMMY Jernigan as well as Nigel, Brad, which guy hurts him the most. And it sounds like you you think it might be Brad them? I think it could be yes. The other intriguing element to this game is just what you mentioned with the eagles missing Jeffrey and MAC Hollins who will be out as well. I think that you'll see a lot of two tight end sets, and I think the rookie Dallas guttered we'll get significant snaps in this game. So that's the on that side of the ball. That's the the other element that intrigues me in this game. Totally agree. You know, Greg eagles fans are very nervous about Nick foles and the fact that he's not played well in the preseason. Do you have a read on that? I mean, he has had a history in his career of being up and down guy, a major history. There's a very wide variance in his play. I think he needs to be schemed. I think the eagles did such a good job with that and in the playoffs last year. And I think you'll see a lot of that. They'll be a major chess match. Going on here, don't forget. Teams of now had an off season all teams, but certainly the falcons have had an off season to figure out how better to defend run, pass option concepts. And I know the eagles are trying to expand those concepts as well. So I think that that's a critical dimension to this game.

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