Rookie Shaquem Griffin to start for Seattle Seahawks in Week 1


We told you the rookie chicane Griffin made the Seattle Seahawks roster. We're learning now today that easy starting linebacker for the NFL team that's going from head coach Pete Carroll Griffin. Who you know has one hand was a standout for the unbeaten UCF nights last year. Tony. Chakib griffin. Just continually overcoming all the odds at this point absolutely amazing story, and as I said last week when we talked about Chakib Griffin. It's the entire story, you know, him and his brother the the way they grew up playing in high school playing at UCF both going to the same NFL team. I mean, it's just I can't imagine to be their parents sh can't write stuff like this. You know? I know we've been talking a lot about that captured ignite he ad, but she came Griffin is also the star of that same rollout. That's right. And we'd love to hear people talking about that. And given Shaquille Griffin. Some some open mic

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