Binghamton outfielder Tim Tebow placed on DL with right hand injury


Think Matt he's a rookie and he's afraid to, make a move because a lot of his, his news like Saunders clay Buchholz haven't been good I, think he's, I think he's afraid what do you think well not, I don't think he's. Afraid and he's got Andy macphail you can't look, if you're if you're questioning Clinton's youth and inexperience then you. Know you've got the polar opposite you, know right. There next to him and Andy macphail you know. Who's who's got more experience making. Moves, at the deadline then, Andy macphail has so if if, the Phillies don't make a move it's. Not because they didn't have the right people in place. That's not. The issue they've gotten look John Middleton Will spend whatever needs. To be spent we know this I could vouch, for that Andy macphail you can't get a more experienced you. Know just battle-tested head of baseball operations, in him Is the jury still out, on Matt Clint I'll give you that. I think that's fair I don't think that's unfair to say because. He hasn't been. Done yet well let's give. It once. A deadline a week what ten, days arouse, the thirty first so it's Tuesday a week From Tuesday four. O'clock I understand if. He hasn't thirty one yeah look I'll be I'll be the first one. To, throw him under the bus if he hasn't, done anything by four o'clock on Tuesday. Of thirty first I promise Okay at. School but in the meantime I'll give him the benefit of. The doubt that they're they're they're working on the right deal at. The, right price You got it all right, Franken record, thank you Frank Al Franken broom, always, with a? Smile? On his, face, Chris is in Newark I liked that see I. Was born in Newark, New Jersey but this this town is Newark Delaware isn't, it, Chris and I we we do appreciate that we do At a lifelong resident of new ark Delaware thank you worry about that to be confused with Newark. New Jersey I can't really even though I. Was born there I can't blame you you know a different culture anyway I got you on the computer that would be fine godly young man Jim Kibo one, Tim tebow last. Night injured his hand in a game between Bigham ten and, the Trenton thunder he has been put, on the disabled list the interesting part about that is that he could have seen time with the big, club and we. May have, seen him. If the, Mets. Who season, is, Don let's face it if the Mets. Would have brought him, up called him. Up, even if it's a September, call up, crowds would be at be people, lined, up to? See? Tim tebow, play, in a major league baseball game You would sell out citizens Bank park every met game if Tibo was in the lineup or, at. Least on, the roster and we don't know the severity, of this. I guess they're, going to send him to a, hand specialist from what. I'm reading, for further tests this. Week and hopefully he can get. Back it's not serious. And he can, get back because I do think that there's a good chance at the Mets would bring him up for the. Month of September and you know the Mets. Are gonna play the Phillies in the month of September you'd have sellouts I guarantee you have sellouts at citizens Bank park jets from people that want to come, and see Tim. Tebow well Tim certainly does have a lot of fans within, the church so it'd be great but, I would like I'd be curious to look up when I get home is his stats for the season That would be warranted or or whether he just Be a publicity stunt right You know maybe I don't want to call it a. Publicity stunt member sandy Alderson the Mets general manager that that signed Tibo and believed in this project is is. Not whippy organization right now he has stepped. Aside due to health reasons so I don't know if the same mindset with the troika of three. Guys Ricciardi Rico and Mnaya the three guys that are that make up. The one general manager for for lack, of a better term I don't know if this particular group of guys it's running the team has. The same belief but I'll tell you what. It couldn't hurt ticket sales you know they're not going to, get anybody at games in at, city field in the month.

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