Trump warns Iran's president in all-caps tweet to stop threatening U.S.


NBC News. Radio I'm Mark Mayfield. Toronto police are confirming that a. Gunman and one other person are dead after a mass shooting here's Toronto police chief Mark Saunders the fourteen archaic, I can tell you that one has, succumbed to their injuries at this point in time a young girl is in critical state right now. The shooting happened in the eastern Toronto neighbourhood of Greek town on Sunday night one person was killed thirteen others are in, the hospital police chief Saunders says the suspect who was armed with a handgun exchange gunfire with. Police before he died police don't have a motive for the shooting but investigators have ruled out terrorism Saunders is asking that witnesses come forward if they have any information President. Trump is issuing a harsh warning to Iran's president about threatening the. US and all caps tweet address to Iranian president Hassan Ronnie Trump caution him. To never threaten the United States, or quote you. Will suffer consequences the, likes of which few throughout history of ever. Suffered before he added that the US will no longer stand for what he called. Ruhani's demented words of violence and death. Trump's tweet seems to, be a response to a warning from her Hanie about risking war with Iran if he pursues hostile policies toward the country. Over four, hundred members, of the Syrian rescue group. The white helmets and their families are Jordan after being evacuated. By Israel soldiers Israeli forces, brought four hundred and twenty two people into Jordan. Via the Israel occupied Golan Heights eventually will be resettled in Germany Canada and. Britain Uber and lift. Are putting the brakes on a. Driver who live streamed video of his passengers without their knowledge the Saint Louis post dispatch says Jason Garg streamed, his interactions with hundreds of Saint Louis, area passengers on the popular video gaming website twitch Garg ACA suspended from working with the ride sharing. Services but he didn't do anything illegal because Missouri only requires one person in a conversation to consent to a recording the, mega millions jackpot is still up for grabs in it's worth nearly five hundred million dollars beware. Is going to be entitled to.

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