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Welcome to BBC trending with me an ECB this week. We're talking about the global phenomenon of metoo, the social media campaign that encouraged women to, speak up about sexual harassment we're going to explore the impact that it's had. We hear. From women around the world and what it's meant to them, and to, have a panel of women in the, CD to discuss its chievements and failure so far That's all on BBC trending coming up just after. The news BBC news with Rosemary creek the Palestinian group HAMAs says it is agreed a ceasefire. With Israel after an upsurge of violence, in the Gaza Strip Israel has not commented. On the deal but the ceasefire is reported to be holding Israel said it struck dozens of targets in Gaza. After one of its soldiers was shot dead on the, border four Palestinians were reported killed former FARC rebels in, Colombia have taken up seats in congress for the first time it's part of, the, peace deal reached with the government in twenty sixteen president Juan Manuel Santos urged the new parliament. To maintain the agreement and more than five decades of. Conflict Facebook suspended a US data analytics firm from its platform it's investigating claims. That Boston-based crimson hexagon was providing. Data for government surveillance purposes crimson hexagon denies using data inappropriately Oh tweets discovered by a conservative websites have led Disney to sack the guardians of. The galaxy director James gone for a, -fensive messages posted up to ten years ago. Mr. gun has since apologized for the tweets which included jokes about rape and paedophilia the president-elect of Mexico Andrei's. Manuel Lopez Obrador has denounced, a division of the decision, of the electoral authorities to find his party ten million, dollars is an act of vengeance his national regeneration movement was issued with the, fine, for breaking campaign funding rules retraced the party said was for earthquake victims US investigators examining how. A tourist based joining a storm on a lake in. Missouri have appeal for witnesses to send in their videos seventeen people including nine. Members of one family were killed The Spanish conservative People's Party is due to. Select a new leader late place Marianna ROY who is retiring after being ousted as prime minister in a confidence vote last month the. Winner will, lead opposition to Spain's minority group BBC news On the fifteenth of. October twenty seventeen American accent Elissa Milano sometimes a tweet that went if. You've been sexually harassed all assaulted light metoo as, a replace this tweets within a week the slogan had been used more than. Twelve million times within two weeks it reached AC six countries and have been turned into a, global movement what we now know as the me too campaign But it wasn't, a totally original, campaign, it's, started. More than, ten years ago when Toronto back I use the phrase in two thousand six to raise awareness of sexual, assaults against women but it was a tweet that was, a response to allegations of harassment molestation and rape by entertainment mogul. Harvey Weinstein the ripple effects if those and subsequently courts have been felt. Not only in the film industry but in politics sports music television in..

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