Colts' Andrew Luck takes 'big step' in return from injury


Andrew luck is actually playing tonight for the Indianapolis Colts play against Seattle opening him to have a Twitter. Account I don't know if Andrew luck houses down it would take a waste of time that block. Anybody he has better things to, do but I. Digress but he's actually out there right. Now the colts have the ball inside Seattle's, thirty seven yard line facing a fourth down in. One I'm glad to be wrong because I still wonder if he was going to start the season and be under center for. Week. One I'm thrilled to be wrong because my Andrew luck, fan I enjoy watching him play and I miss them playing out. There I know colts fans missed and playing because that seems a lot better with. Him then without, him I'm not telling anybody any kind of news, here but just seeing him out there spraying the ball around being do dishes when he decides to run getting, down It's really really cool to, see a guy out there that I did not think that we're. Gonna see it all in the preseason or definitely to start the season when it. Came the week, one you also had some people wondering why are, they playing Andrew luck here in preseason game number one when the dress rehearsal is until preseason game number three He hasn't played folks in nearly two, seasons, so as many reps as that. He can get back to shake in some of that off -solutely I think it was a smart move to have. Him, out there and get as many reps as. He possibly can because you can try and simulate so, many? Different variables about an NFL, game the one thing that. You. Cannot simulate is game speed true true game speed can't. Do it and so. I thought, it was very smart by them to say to put him out there start getting some wraps again start seeing that game again at live speed you can try and simulated and camp doesn't. Come close right or you can, come close but it's not the same yeah and so any I. Guarantee we also have strict instructions anybody comes near you Airmail or get to hell down and I think it's great s-o-f-i has them at the Seattle seventeen yard. Line, on his first drive he has looked razor-sharp. So far just like Dak Prescott he's donate touchdown pass, with. The Dallas Cowboys and it, was not the number eighty. Eight. Dez Bryant yes we're gonna be bitter about that for. A little bit here I kid because I don't care. Either NFL preseason football. Full effect in, so many different

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