Felix Hernandez of Seattle Mariners to bullpen amid struggles



Team that I'm just fascinated by right now as Seattle Mariners. They began a huge series of for them against the Astros on Thursday night. That's a weekend series for game set, and but coming into that, they had lost seven of their last nine Felix Hernandez is kind of pitching his way out of the rotation, which is such a bummer. 'cause they're finally kind of in the mix for Tober essentially, and he's just not really a productive part of that at all. What do you make the Mariners here moving forward? They'll get Robertson Cano back soon. But boy, they gotta start kicking into gear here because the as just blown right by them. Well, if the as wins keep winning every night the, they don't have to worry about it. But. We're gonna find out soon. I would think they play the Astros seven times in the next fourteen days six times than thirteen days they they have sixteen game stretch. Now they've just started against Astros as the dodgers Diamondbacks. So you find out the pitching has just not been good, James Paxton back from the DL that gives them that gives them a chance to win every night. But like you said, king Felix is just not the game Felix of all Mark Marco Gonzalez been roughed up a couple of time. Bottom line is pitching terrible in even if canot comes back and just hits the ground running, that'll help them. Certainly that'll help them. But you know, you're look at that Oakland rotation. If you just match them up side by side, the names you'd say probably a rub, but Brad Anderson's been fabulous. Chris Bassett's been good for the as in Jackson's, found new life. So right now it looks like Oakland's going to the playoffs in Seattle's, not, but you know, it's all right there in front of. Them and I'm sure that's what's got service in staff is preaching

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