Survivors describe horror of Parkland school shooting in newly release


Provider in your area assurance shows that saudi arabia will increase oil production maybe up to two million barrels in response to turmoil in iran and venezuela the president this morning tweets that he asked king solomon to step up production to make up the difference adding prices to high oil has edged hires the trump administration pushes american allies to end purchasers from iran aaa reports new york state gas now averages three oh one a gallon fifty eight cents more than last fourth of july a vigil was held in maryland last night for the five people killed in thursday's mass shooting at an annapolis newspaper families don't get survivor of the shooting phil davis a reporter with the capital is ed reads the names of the colleagues he lost becca smith wendy winters gerald fishman john mcenroe's holding candles davis and other employees of the paper hugged and shed tears mistaken in from the community gathered in downtown annapolis to honor the victims it at the vigil many of the speakers commended the paper for its commitment to cover this tragedy which hit so close to home mike merlo reports go fund me campaign for the victims already is raised one hundred seventy thousand dollars of its two hundred k goal which news time nine thirty six shock weeks thirtieth anniversary doesn't couple up until july twenty second shark summer starts today with the opening of the new ocean wonders exhibit at the new york aquarium director john dolan we take people through experience where they get to understand sharks physiology the biology some interesting facts about them and then take them through some of the threats sharks face around the globe and lastly into new york where there are twenty six species of sharks and so much more wildlife beyond.

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