Colorado blaze burning out of control prompts thousands of evacuations


In the wbz newsroom prosecutors say an eighteen year old in lynn laid in wait and then opened fire on three people killing one of them victor figueroa is being held without bail after he pleaded not guilty to the murder of twenty five year old rahmael denise the victim was walking home with friends early saturday after a party at the time of the attack investigators say cell phone evidence helped to lead them to figure out in colorado hundreds of residents now chased from their homes by a number of wildfires suckered combined with high wind spread fires throughout the western half of the state in southern colorado the twenty four thousand acre spring fire has k hazlet prepared to evacuate gone through my important papers and trying to think if we only had a few minutes to get out that i'm ready to go while her home is still standing many others have been destroyed rick salinger for cbs news denver new hampshire fighting back against the recent supreme court ruling that allows states to force online shoppers to pay sales tax this would require the granite state which doesn't have doesn't have a sales tax to collect the taxes on behalf of other states senators gina mckee hassen her behind a bill that would overturn the high court's ruling say it would create big obstacles for small business in new hampshire and california democratic congresswoman maxine waters says she's now getting death threats as jason campidoglio reports the trouble stems from comments she made last week and she says that she's had to cancel two major appearances in alabama and texas because her office has seen an influx of hostile male water says the very serious death threat came in monday from someone in the lone star state the california democrat said on saturday that people should publicly confront and harass members of the trump administration over the president's zero tolerance policy at the border and the practice of separating families police say they are not going to comment on the case at least not right now heading over to sports in a moment traffic and weather together as well it's certainly a hot went out there checking all that momentarily but first sports it's tom as hticket dot com sports studio red sox and yankees out the stadium but wardell rodriguez throws tonight acquire just last night and trade steve peers at first base hitting cleanup salvator introduced draft choice robert williams the third this morning to time carpenter defensive player of the year with reputation for slacking off robert williams the third and his boss definitely people people question my motor but i work hard and i know i can work hard up and i'm ready to start it's hard to have a little motor and be defensive player of the year for two years in a row in a tough conference i mean i've heard the same types of criticism but that's a that's a hard thing to do robert williams a third yeah danny ainge absolutely no surprise lebron james opting out of his cavaliers contract lbj free again third time tom cuddy wbz radio sports just say hey alexa play wbz newsradio on iheartradio live local news on wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time four thirteen traffic and weather together now the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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