Trump says Saudi king agreed to raise oil production up to 2 million barrels


Being remembered in maryland last night the victims of an office shooting oh please several tear filled memorials held throughout annapolis is the community tries to cope with the loss of five staffers from its hometown newspaper the capital gazette the nearby baltimore orioles holding a moment of silence at its friday night game in their honor a bouquet of white lillies left at the camden yards per seat reserved for gazette reporters fox's jail nato jared ramos's charged with five counts of murder after police say he blasted his way through a newsroom with a shotgun a farmer who say ramos had a grudge against the paper billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs are set to take affect tomorrow as canada reacts to us tariffs on steel and aluminum canadian officials say those tariffs take effect on sunday but that announcement did not put a damper on a celebration at the white house the president touted the effects of his economic policies celebrating six months since he fulfilled his campaign promise to overhaul the us tax system new jobs bigger paychecks and keeping more of your hard earned money where it belongs in your pocket or wherever else you wanna spend and now the treasury department says it's making it easier for americans to file their taxes next year officials released this new ten forty form just the size of a postcard only twenty three lines long in washington ray bogan fox news president trump says he's received assurances for king salman of saudi arabia that the kingdom will increase oil production maybe up to two million barrels in response to turmoil in iran and venezuela saudi arabia says king salman and the president did talk about oil stability but the kingdom made no mention about the two million barrels pam who sell fox news radio the heat is on for this last weekend of june we're closing down gene with temperatures in the mid nineties here this afternoon seventy two our low tonight he didn't ex values close to one hundred today by the way so that they can easy out there and then sunny and hot sunday kicking off do i would ninety five degrees i'm meteorologist scott lawrimore at the weather channel for.

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