Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: 'I love that issue'


Radio ko bj i'm robert wood topping austin's news president trump sat down with fox's maria barreda romo burn interview that will air on her show sunday morning futures discussing recent call from some democratic politicians to abolish the us immigrations and customs enforcement service you get rid of ice you're gonna have a country that you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house i love that issue if they could actually do that seventy one year old brian motorists was seriously injured after he was struck by a bullet that accidentally discharged from a rifle that a man was cleaning and a nearby home the suspect in the fatal shooting of eighteen year old davin gross has been arrested twentyfouryearold stanley earl pates is in williamson county jail charged with killing earlier this week the klbj radar weather watch midseventies overnight near one hundred tomorrow i'm robert would get news on demand newsradio klbj dot com join what are you get.

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