US ambassador to Estonia resigns, criticizes Trump over European rhetoric


Of jt oh eight ten i'm john rothman sitting in for pat thurston right here on k gio i want you all to know that pat will be here tomorrow at four o'clock and shelby here from four to seven i want to remind you that pat will be here on july fifth which is a thursday in the morning of sitting in for ethan bearman and i will be your on july sixth sitting in freeze and barons so we'll have an opportunity to share a lot of thoughts this week four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten i was also asked if i would repeat the tuesday's week to week program at the commonwealth club the person to contact there is john zipper and he'll let you know when i'll be on the panel and by the way it's a fascinating program there in the commonwealth club is just great i'm so glad they're advertising you're on i wanna talk foreign policy in this half hour by the way somebody emailed me what are you doing the last half hour there was an article in the new york times san francisco is so expensive you can make six figures and still be low income we'll talk about that the last half hour of the program up let me talk foreign policy with you because there are a number of things that have happened and so this is a scattergun approach if you will in terms of of information the first is the president's meeting with latimer putin just two weeks away what do you think the result of that meeting will be are you worried about that meeting do you have confidence in that meeting that's number one number two the united states formerly ended seven decades of military presence in south korea on friday yesterday with a ceremony to mark the opening of a new headquarters farther from north korea's artillery range it's a big change remember the us military has been headquartered in seoul since american troops first arrived at the end of world war two and now they're being moved in a message which was read out at the ceremony by an aide south korean president announced that the us headquarters is the cornerstone of us south korea alliance and they're moving it further away from the border the relocation of course is part of a broader us plan to realign its twenty eight thousand five hundred troops and their bases in south korea into the two major hubs are we changing our approach to south korea and what about north korea by the way there's a report this week that kim jong un is continuing his nuclear development how does that correspond with what the president is hoping will happen number two number three rather iran says it has restarted production of a major uranium facility involved in its nuclear program now it's still pledging to follow the terms of the country's landmark atomic deal but they are starting the fun plant again which produces material needed to make enriched uranium and the conclusion by most analysts is that it appears aimed at pressuring europeans and others to come up with a way to circumvent the new american sanctions four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten you know the for now iran remains governed by president hassan rohani who is viewed by many as a moderate i don't feel missouri moderate by the way but he is viewed by many that way he leads a theocratic administration that is horrific but it's interesting to note that row hunting now faces increasing criticism from hardliners inside his own country and some of who have openly called for the country to be run by military officials four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten what do you think about uranium enrichment beginning again and this is the one which i hope ignites a lot of discussion the us ambassador to estonia which i would remind he was nato ally bordering russia abruptly resigned friday telling friends that he cannot abide president trump's apparent hostility toward institutions that have stabilized europe since the end of the cold war james melville junior he's resigning at a at a critical moment a crucial moment for independent countries along russia's western border lafayette estonia lithuania because the united states is rethinking its traditional support for nato so melville posted this on facebook the honorable course is to resign having served under six presidents and eleven secretaries of state i never really thought i would reach that point for me for the president to say the european union is set up to take advantage of the.

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