Fast-spreading California blaze, one of dozens, prompts evacuations


Eight stop wildfires that have destroyed dozens of buildings and caused at least one death continue to ravage california as a heat wave sweeps the southern part of the state authorities say a new wind driven fire erupted last night in the hills above go lita santa barbara county burning twenty homes and threatening hundreds more farther south of fire in the san bernardino national forest grew to one thousand acres and prompted the evacuation of forest falls a town of about seven hundred homes in san diego county a handful of fires prompted evacuation orders for more than one thousand homes one blaze reportedly burned at least five homes in alpine the county fire and napa county and yolo county continues to burn up to about eighty nine thousand acres and the last report about forty two to forty three percent contained is also a fire about fifteen thousand acres in lake county it's called a ponti fire and it's ninety five percent contained so it's just about out there will be boxing at the save mart center today with doors opening at four pm however there will not be about between jose ramirez and danny o'connor o'connor collapse that his way in yesterday suffering from dehydration which was caused by his trying to make weight he was subsequently hospitalized now the under cards will move up to be the main event the department of public health this confirming the first case of west nile virus in fresno county for two thousand eighteen officials say there have been nine symptomatic cases throughout the state of california no fatalities residents are being urged to use repellent and other methods of reducing contact with mosquitoes fresno police continue to search for the suspect to shot a man in the face thursday night shots bader said officers to the parking lot of a liquor store on butler and chestnut in the southeast portion of the city round ten thirty pm there a man in his forties was shot in the face but officers say the wounds not life threatening and he is expected to survive officers are now investigating this shooting is gang related and they ask anyone with information to gaul valley crime stoppers the.

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