U.S. service member killed in 'apparent insider attack' in Afghanistan


Hour presented by theraworx relief i'm sam litzinger north korea's accusing washington to making gangster liked demands to pressure the country into abandoning its nuclear weapons beyond yang issued a statement just hours after secretary of state mike pompeo wrapped up two days of talks with senior north korean officials korea expert gordon chang has advice for the white house this is a time for president trump to say that this is unacceptable and walk away from the talks remember he did that in the runup to the june twelfth summit and the north koreans immediately became conciliatory i think we need to see the president do the same thing now because the north korean language is unacceptable the talks ended with commitments for new discussions on denuclearization and the repatriation of the remains of american soldiers killed during the korean war officials in afghanistan saying american service member was killed and two others wounded in what appears to abandon an insider attack cbs news correspondent bill rakoff socalled greenonblue attack is the latest in a series of incidents in which afghan forces have turned their weapons on international troops with whom they're working nato officials say that the wounded service members are in stable condition and are currently being treated they say the incident is under investigation a local police officer says the shooting happened at an airport in taryn cut the capital of eras gan province officials in thailand for now conditions are perfect to try to rescue twelve boys in their soccer coach trapped inside of flooded cave let's say a decision will have to be made soon before more rainfalls antiviolence protesters marched along chicago interstate shutting down traffic in an effort to draw attention to the gun violence that's claimed hundreds of lives in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods and a pressure public officials to do more to stop it the demonstrators were led by antiviolence activists father michael flanagan demanding meetings with the governor off mary demand the next week governors criticizing chicago's mayor for allowing the protesters onto an interstate highway the american civil liberties union is running ads in alaska and maine focused on those states moderate us senators ahead of president trump's nomination of a new supreme court justice the ads directed at republicans lisa murkowski and susan collins reference their past support for planned parenthood the ads say americans must know where mr trump's nominee will stand on roe v wade that's the decision that established a women's right to abortion this is cbs.

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