Yes, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Really Is That Good: Why Everyone Is Fawning Over the Amazon Comedy


I don't know if you've. Ever seen the marvelous MRs Mazel Which is on Amazon prime and that, show is amazing It is, set in the sixties it's about, this this woman who becomes a comic but her, husband was going to be a. Comic but he's dealing other. People's acts she's writing her own act she. Decides to go out on her own? Is there going to, be a divorce she friends befriends Lenny Bruce and doesn't realize how famous, he is and it's this whole thing and it's about culture and everything else in terms. Of of Jewish life and the, period it's kind of interesting. For sure but that's not the story the story is that the actress, who, plays Mazel MRs Mazel Rachel Brazil bras non b. r. o. s.. NHA an Rachel Brosnahan is not, Jewish she is spectacular in the park and you know how many Jews took to, the streets to protest zero Why we like a good show We just want talent we just want to. Be able to enjoy the thing No. One is protesting the fact that ruby rose isn't Jewish I'm not I say good on you Go. Do the show make.

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