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For rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean Bryce Carlson arrived at Saint Mary's off England South western tip late Saturday he, made the two thousand mile trip in thirty eight days. Six hours and. Forty nine minutes after setting off on his twenty foot boat from Newfoundland Carlson capsized several times and endured highway Waves and the remnants of a hurricane during. His journey the ocean rowing society listed Carlson's, time on its website Sunday. As the fastest for a west to east unsupported solo row the previous record was fifty three days eight hours and twenty six minutes Carlson also was, the first American to complete the feat There's some good news for those in desperate need of. A kidney transplant AP's Jackie. Quinn reports a new study finds patients who received the Oregon, from donors with hepatitis c. were able. To overcome the disease it was a bold experiment with a very small group of patients so desperate for kidney transplant they agree to get organs infected. With hepatitis c. so. Far it was the right move researchers say those, organs for about twenty patients are working well thanks to medication that eliminated the virus they say the results suggest that diseased. Organs that are currently going to waste might be used to reduce the weight for.

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