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Mustang, the 'soul of Ford' Motor Co., under threat in trade war


Ford looks to, the future as it builds its ten millionth Mustang this. Jeff Gilbert. With the court, chronicles today from Ford's flat rock assembly plant. Where Mustang ten million like Mustang number one is a white convertible Ford going forward is all in on utilities and Mustang will be it's lone passenger car Mustang is a heart and soul. Ford Motor Company is a global, product, and it's it's one of the reasons why we're different is a company Ford president of markets Jim Farley says he'll soon have a seven hundred horsepower Shelby Mustang as well as a hybrid version the key thing, about our hybrid Mustang is getting me it's performance it's not about fuel. Economy it's really about adding performance with electrification, not just great fuel economy demoss dang is now sold globally Farley says their biggest dealer, is in Stockholm

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