Elon Musk says he wants to take Tesla private at over $70 billion


Tesla CEO Elon Musk's at the internet and stock market players of flurry. Yesterday after he took to Twitter to say, he might turn tesla from publicly traded company into a private one Tesla's stock soared because to do this tesla would have to make an offer. Shareholders could not refuse. The stock ended up eleven percent. Is this vaporware or is this a real plan? If it happened, tesla would be the largest company ever to go from public to private musk claims. He's lined up the huge amount of money. This would take marketplace's jed Kim has more Elon Musk can't seem to stop making headlines these days. David Wisden follows tesla for MorningStar. He's tired of getting called almost all my interactions with hustler actually not with clients. There was members of the media. Yeah, still, he says, tesla going private would be a big deal for the company and for investors who would have a choice. To make you would have the opportunity to not sell, or you could sell a four hundred twenty dollars a share. If they stay shareholders would become external investors with the option to sell twice a year. It's a structure that exists at another musk company SpaceX. What does he Lon musk stand to gain by going private. Carl brower is with Kelley blue book in his mind. He would have full control and he could think long-term, no, more quarterly earnings reports, no more shortsellers. Let's focus on immediate profits. Nobody would be able to really say anything about it. If you're a private company must holds a twenty percent stake in the company. So he'd still have a lot of private investors to answer to, but it'd be, you know, private

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