Victims identified in Chicago's bloody weekend that left 12 dead


Easy it's fun and is for a great cause come out September eighth for the Saint Jude walk run to end childhood cancer at Soldier. Field More with the Chicago Tribune Stacey Saint Clair on Jason Van Dyke trial coming up but first let's get a. Check of the news here's Eric Ron good morning as. A nother national night outcomes and go Chicago police say hundreds of extra officers are. Being deployed do city neighborhoods where a burst of gun violence over, the weekend left at least eleven people dead and around seventy. People wounded police superintendent Eddie Johnson said at. A Tuesday news conference that four hundred. Additional officers are already patrolling areas on the west and south sides where most of the shootings. Occurred another two hundred will, be added by the coming weekend victims of this weekend's shooting range in age from eleven to, sixty three years old, it was election night in several states and they were watched very very closely a tight race in Ohio for. A congressional. Seat one held by a Republican for decades Republican Troy Balderstone is claiming victory over Daniel Connor just a few thousand votes separate the two To O'Connor has not conceded the loss. In Missouri attorney general Josh Howley beat out ten other. GOP challenges, to take on democrat Claire mccaskill for. A Senate seat. Also in Missouri voters rejected a right to work a, ballot measure, which would have banned mandatory union fees Kansas, governor Jeff Collier is locked in a tight primary challenge from Chris co box the Kansas secure secretary of state was endorsed. By President Trump. Whoever wins will take on democrat state Senator Laura Kelly the Cook County medical examiner's office says a man shot to death by police in June was shot in. The back the findings come a little more than a. Week after attorneys for twenty four year old Marie Scranton juniors family filed a wrongful. Death lawsuit against the city and the officer who shot him Chicago, police say officer started chasing grin after they tried to talk. To him during a narcotics investigation body cameras. Show granting trying to climb a fence. When he was shot officer say grant. And fired Police a gun was found near his body the shooting is still under investigation we'll check your sports traffic and, weather, next on WGN Switch to sprint unlimited.

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