Disgruntled New York Knicks fan auctions off fanhood for $3,450


This has. Got to be on the dumbest things I've. Ever heard a New York Knicks fan. They, call them a lifelong Knicks fan. Oh he's only thirty three years old so let's. Not call. It a lifelong Knicks fan thirty three plenty. Of life left for Evan Pearl monitor put up his New York. Knicks fan hood for auction on EBay Some idiot named James Rydell bid three thousand four hundred fifty dollars For the fan dumb which is now he's a Laker fan okay So part of the auction this, Evan Pearl mutter pledged to attend two games of his new team one home one away and that he's going to bet. Five hundred dollars at the Lakers will surpass over under. Win total the guy who bid that is twenty three years old does he have anything better to spend thirty four fifty dates, of good looking women at twenty. Three then buying a stupid fandom and then you have that idiot James Dolan. Runs in Knicks who like came out and had. The Knicks issue a statement quote were sure are. Millions of loyal knick fans won't mind losing this attention grabbing gentlemen we remain focused on the upcoming, season with a hardworking team that is. Proud to represent New York and it's dedicated fans to personal fouls one. For the media to actually cover this story and write about it like you're telling me the media has nothing better to write about than some idiot selling his fandom and two for the New York Knicks to actually. Respond You. Know James Dolan he's as thin skinned as they come like paper the fact is why would the, Knicks even respond which gives us even more legs personal foul media and on the New York Knicks board this. I mean it's utterly ridiculous shawnee really agree har- four cover this yeah some twenty three year old kid wants attention as James Dolan correctly I might add Said in, that statement and everyone's make it's from page on ESPN really. And this, guy's an idiot. You hear what. He's mad about what. Put, him over the edge it was the Knicks drafting Kevin knocks over. Michael porter Jr. You mean. The guy's not gonna play this year who's had like two back. Surgeries nineteen Michael feels crepe by yeah we'll see about that That. I feel great too and I have a terrible I think the Knicks made the wrong. Decision in drafting Kevin. Maybe, it wasn't not agreed A fan Stupid? Incredible

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